Learn How to Make A Paper Plane

Learn How to Make a Paper Plane


Materials Needed – Paper-plain or coloured square or rectangle

how to make a paper plane
Making a paper plane is a very easy craft and can create hours of fun throwing it around and making it do tricks and stunts, you can also spend some time to Decorate your paper plane with colouring in pencils, paint or stickers this is all part of the fun . this is a fun craft activity for kids of all ages.






watch the video below to learn to make your own paper planes

Tips for fun flying of your paper plane

Features to Folding and Flying the Perfect Paper Airplane  What type of paper is the best to use? Any 8 1/2 x 11 inch white sheet of paper can be used. However a thicker paper such as photo printer paper provides for better creasing and alignment and weight
How to make a paper plane perform loops and curls For most planes, fold the tips of the wings up slightly. Do not bend too much or your plane will climb slowly and then will come to a quick crash.
Why does my paper airplane crash so quickly? Much of the time your paper airplane was not folded tightly causing too much drag on the unaligned body. Be sure to make tight folds, which create a streamline flying machine.
How to get a paper plane to fly higher? A trick is to throw the plane in the direction of the wind blowing towards you. It will actually lift the plane upwards and may even levitate for a bit.
How can I get my paper plane to perform dives? To make your paper airplane dive, go quickly down towards the ground then pull up before crashing, hold your plane as high above your head as you can or throw off of a high area. Good places can be your balcony, stairs or even a stadium. Make sure you fold the tips of the wings up, then point the nose DOWN towards the ground and drop the plane – don’t give a thrust.
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